Photo's of my setup May 2007

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Shack - 2007

Now (2012) it looks much more untidy!


Yeasu FT-736R - Used for 23/3cm bands.23/3cm

Icom 706mkIIg - 20/80m mainly and 2m talkback sometimes.

2x SP-3 Speakers for the radios

Topfield Twin Tuner Freeview/HDD recorder STB, never miss anything on tv now!

AZ/EL Rotator controller and ATV Caption Generator

'Construction' PSU TT 15v 4A twin - Could not construct without a limiting psu again!

hameg scope for construction, IC-207 Dual band Mobile set for 2m/70cm

Scientific atlanta Sat receiver for 23/3cm ATV

Satlook Satellite Meter/Analyser 900-1750MHz

Above monitor is the 23cm ATV transceiver


Antenna's - August 2012




2 element antenna for 50MHz

2x 44el WiMo yagi's for 1296MHz

9 element Yagi for 144MHz - Slant polatiry!

25 element yagi for 432MHz - Slant polarity!

60cm Zone2 Sky minidish for 10GHz narrowband

Sky minidish below rotor for 10GHz ATV reception from GB3KM



Yaesu FT-736R


Currently used for 23cm and 70cm ssb when portable, 10GHz IF when at home.

Now upgraded to TS-2000x


Icom 706MKIIG


Currently used for portable operations on Lightwaves with a transverter and for 2m ssb talkback.





Updated August 2012