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Local Stations ..







ATV Repeaters

GB3KM ATV Repeater

GB3HV ATV repeater

UK Live Repeater Streams



DX Cluster - Chat - Radio Conditions

ON4KST VHF/UHF & Microwave Chat/Cluster

Tropo ducting forecast

G7IZU Radio Deflection Detection (meteor scatter pings)

Billingham Weather Station

EME (Moonbounce) Chat/Logger

Europe HF/VHF/UHF Propagation Map





Software - Soundcard - Digi-Modes

WinDRM / DRMDV / FDMDV Digital Voice software

G4ZLP Soundcard Radio Interfaces

ChirpView - Monitor HF Chirp Sounders! + Soundcard Software

Spectrum Lab - Excellent Soundcard Analyser

WSJT Weak Signal Software, JT Modes for EME, Meteor scatter etc..





Radio Projects

IK8UIF Projects Site (Most in English)

EI9GQ Homebrew Site (Great site!)

Electronics Projects site

Hans Summers Projects lots of Projects to keep you busy!

OM3CPH Peter Halicky DDS & PIC Freq meter design

OK1DFC - Septum feed for 23/13cm bands EME

G8ACE Microwave OCXO etc

F4DAY - Microwave projects + 'Poor Man's' digital ATV Transmitter

DG8SAQ Network Analsyer 0-1.3GHz - Very useful bit of kit, recommended !

5.7GHZ Rainscatter detector - Interesting article

10GHz rain radar design

QRO on 23cm - W6PQL Amplifier kit

Tiny GPS module

Simple ADS-B receiver & Plane plotter




Random Radio links!

Sea Water Antenna

Hey, what's that - Path profiling and Panorama coverage made easy

Johnny Chung Lee shows what else you can do with a Nintendo Wii remote... wow!

High Altitude balloons

UK Radiosonde Info Locations and Frequencies around 400MHz

Sondemonitor Software




Optical Communications

Laser ATV

G8AGN laser pages

G8CYW optical Transceiver as seen in RadCom



Second Hand Radio Equipment

JunkSale.co.uk Free Amateur Radio adverts Forum




Southgate ARC (latest radio news!)




Electronic parts

JAB Electronics lots of nice rare parts

VisionAids (TV/Video Spare parts)

Burghardt Amateur Services (US supplier of radio spare parts)

PW Electronics

BEC Distribution LTD Helical filters




Antenna Parts/Supplies

Sand Piper Aerails Source of ALU tube/Square section also

Aerial-Parts of Colchester





MP3car.com Home brew ICE (Excellent Forum)

SeatCupra.net - for all you SEAT fans!




Microwave Sites

G3PHO World above 1000MHz!

UK uWave Group

GM4CXM - Beacon lists

G0ORY - Maspro lnb mods + more



RadioMobile (Radio Link Path Plotting Software)







Wind Power

Alton Moore's wind turbine page

PVC Pipe Propellors

Chispito Wind Generator Nice desgin


Water power ?!




Updated 8th May 2011