Amateur Television

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ATV Equipment..


Spectrian 30W 13cm Amplifier Board

13cm ATV TX and Spectrian amp __2__ 3

1.2Ghz setup Block Diagram


Comtech 13cm 200mW Modules

Watch Out! with dc power connections, Sound carrier mods.



RF/Control Cables fitted under ground to the mast.



1.2GHz ATV Tranceiver Project ..

My latest project on atv is partly finishing off my last ATV tranceiver project. It ended up being a bit too big for the shelf and was never happy with the look of it so i decided to go back to basics and have seperate TX/RX...

Transmitter is a Worthing 1W Transmitter, Amplifier is Mitsubishi 57762 module on the back panel heatsinked + Fan

Change-over Relay is CX-120 and is mounted on the rear panel to connect up to receiver.

Receiver is a Bennetts 2026L (Zeta 1000) (not shown in photos)

Here are the new photos..


The layout is very similar to the old version but with a prescaler and frequency counter on the front and rx output on the rear.

The frequency counter is based on this design by OM3CPH using PIC16F84 and MB506 prescaler, the code had to be modified slightly to use the prescaler divide ratio. Eventually i will make a link from the satellite receiver tuner local osc to this counter to be able to display the rx frequency also, this needs some modifications for the code to add the 70MHz IF of the receiver to give the correct readout.







2M Dish

This was first intended to try and pick up GB3YT on 23cm from my QTH but still not enough Gain!!!

Unfortunately the repeater system at Queensbury is now switched off so dx on 23cm ATV is now even more rare!!

Currently it's gathering dust but ready for 23cm EME with a Septum Feed from OK1DFC, A little mechanical work to fit the feed and then it's ready..see EME pages for earlier attempts.

MK2 (Aluminium construction)

dish2m dish 2





G6ALU Caption generator for ATV, now with Preview screen!

Minature CRT taken from an old camcorder and fitted into the caption generator box.




Here is filter plot of my attempt at one of the DieCastBox filters from CQTV - 205, centred on 1316MHz.

They are certainly very easy to build and worth the effort for lookthrough or for a couple extra 'P' points on weak signals!

sweep filter




23cm Amplifier

I'm now running this amplifier to boost up my tiny <10W on 23cm to 60W+ and appears to do a good job!

It is fitted in the mast mounted box with changover relays, sequencer and pre-amp, see old photo here but now it is much neater and the amplifier is mounted directly to the large box, i will update photo soon.

Excellent Power for money from DG0VE.

23cm PA DG0VE




Updated 28th September 2007