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ATV Contest Activity, M0DTS /P



Summer fun ATV Contest 2008 8th June

Once again the North East ATV group! were out on the North York Moors for the summer fun atv contest this time hoping for lots of contacts...hi

This time Eddie G0EHV, Clive G4FVP and myself were QRV on the following bands:

70cm - Analogue/Digital (rx)

23cm - 2x28el + 60W

13cm - 60cm dish + 25W

3cm - M0DTS: 60cm dish + 5W / G0EHV : 45cm + 10mW << Eddie's setup worked better....hmmm!

We managed contacts on three bands with Mike G0DPS on 23/13/3cm but that was all for the contest. We did manage contacts later in the day on 23cm with Chris M0YZA and Barry G4VWT which was great!

In between we were trying some Digital ATV reception from G3PYB/P whcih was unsuccessful but nearly locking at times...and ssb on 2m/70cm.

Here are some photo's, click to enlarge:


Main station Antenna's _____________ __ __ ___ __ ____ ___G0EHV operating 2m talkback with 3cm gear in the back



G4FVP calling on 3cm narrowabnd CW ______________________M0DTS and G0EHV looking for DATV from G3PYB/P

g4fvpm0dts g0ehv




ATV Contest 2007 8/9th September

This year my contest activity was going to be a lot better organised, Eddie G0EHV and Clive G4FVP joined me up on the North york Moors with 23/13/3cm bands on the Sunday morning.

Fortunately it was much better to start the day so finding the location was abit easier this time without the fog!!

Eddie brought the mast, 3cm and also 2m talkback equipment. I took took 13 and 23cm equipment which just about filled the car, it's surprising how much one needs just to go out portable for one morning...!


Conditions were not the best and we only managed to make one contact on 23/13cm both ways with Mike, G0DPS at P5 with no problems which was good to confirm the equipment was working!. Nothing was received on 3cm due to low ish power on the band and non LOS path between us.

We did manage to contact quite a few stations on 2m talkback but did not manage to exchange anything on television :-(


GB3VL was it's usual good signal from the site but that was probably our best dx on ATV for the day..hi

There was also activity from Holland and Belgium who we tried to work on ATV but unfortunately no luck there either despite reasonable 2m signals. All was not so bad after tuning around on 2m we found EA2TO/1 calling CQ peaking S9 at times, we managed to work him on both 2m and 70cm ssb! recording of EA2TO/1 loc:IN83FE


Here are some photo's of the station, Click images to enlarge:



_____________________2m 13el, 23cm 2x28el , 13cm 2x60cm ____________Eddie's 3cm Equipment



____________________________Full Station Setup ______________________Our friendly pigeon!




View Looking South east from IO94LI, explains the good signals from Holldand & Belgium on 2m!


Let's hope next year brings more contacts!






ATV Contest 2006 9/10th September

I managed to get out portable again this year from the same site just north of Hemsley on the north York Moors (IO94LI) 363m asl.

I planned to be setup and ready at around 8am....this didnt go to plan as on teh way up to the site it was extremely foggy! i got setup on what was the correct location but as you've probably guessed now was the wrong place!! it's a long road with many places looking much the same!

I ended up getting fully setup at around 10am and confirmed i was in the right place as the fog started to lift a little!

It was good to hear so many stations on the talkback frequency this time around!

I managed to work 3 stations but only one of them 2-way, The stations were G8JAN, G8GKW/P and G7AVU.

Here are a few photos from this year.....

________Portable setup__________________________View south!______










ATV CONTEST 2005 10th -11th September

Quite a few stations around on ATV on teh evening of the 10th. I was out portable on the North York Moors about 12km Directly north of Hemsley, this point is at about 360M ASL and has a good take off to the south and west. Locator IO94LI. I was able to work through GB3YT with no problems and worked Mike, G0DPS/P at IO93BP with no problem at all, and even seen GB3VL!

These photo's are B/W as i was using the 'SatLook' monitor for 13 and 23cm for RX and it only has B/W screen.

G0DPS/P received on 13cm P5------------------------------GB3YT on23cm P5 -------------------------------------GB3VL just readable P2




Looking out of the windscreen....

It was dark before i got a shot of the car and antenna's so the photo's for that will come next time...

Thanks to all of those who were active. I think next time it will be better to go out portable early on the sunday morning so we can actually see what we are doing!!



Updated 16th September 2006