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** Updates **


DigiLite DATV - Online!

Project page updated - May2011


Optical Communications page added - May 2011

ATV Activity page updated - May 2011

Links updated - May 2011

IPTV page added to DATV section - May 2011

Project info page added - April 2011

Micro Balloon payload - Jan 2011

Various minor changes elsewhere as usual!





Previous Updates

HF Chirp sounder Info - Feb 2010

DATV Pages updated - Live Transmissions now working well - Feb 2010

DATV Page updated - LIVE Video now possible! - Feb 2009

DATV Page updated - March 2009

Portable activity - March 2009

New Dish for 23cm EME - August 2008

Summer Fun ATV Contest - June 2008

QRV on D-Star - 11th March 2008

February tropo contacts on 23cm

Startup/Shutdown Sequencer completed for GB3KM - 20th Feb 2008

Digital Voice now has it's own page, minor update - 20th Feb 2008

10GHz Narrowband Photos - 19th Jan 2008

New logic controller board for GB3KM - 20th Jan 2008

New 23cm Amplifier Installed for EME/Tropo 30th Dec 2007

OZ on 23cm 1st contact on tropo 21st Dec 2007

For Sale page added 8th Dec 2007

Digital ATV page added 8th Dec 2007

23cm EME 1st EME contact on 23cm! Added 1st November 2007

EA on 2m Tropo Oct 2007

ATV Contest 2007 Added 10th September 2007

ATV Equipment page updated September 2007

LA3EQ on 23cm 1st contact on tropo August 07

LF Page (136KHz) added June 2007

New Weather Station!

For Sale updated April 2007

Photos updated March 2007

ATV activity page updated December 2006

23cm EME page updated September 2006

ATV Pages updated with ATV contest September 2006

23cm EME page added August 2006 Rain scatter signals on 10GHz this week - 20th May 06

HF Tranceiver Project takes a step forward see here - 20th May 06

23cm SSB recordings From early 2006 Tropo opening finally uploaded! : 15th April 2006

Updated ATV and UHF/SHF pages showing the outdoor unit for 23cm : 11th Apr 2006

Updated ATV Page with New 24cm ATV Trasceiver project : 24th Feb 2006

Updated UHF/SHF page a bit, now have 60W+ on 23cm : 24th Feb 2006

Today 3/11/05 i managed a qso with NA1SS, Bill on the Space station, recording made by PD0RKC, Thanks Cor! : 3rd of Nov 2005

GB3YT on 23cm seen first time at P5 : 13-July-2005 23:30PM

Some Pictures updated : 8-May-2005

Microwaves page added : 27-Mar-2005

New 10GHz center fed dish pictures, see microwaves page : 8th April 2005

Weather page updated 8th May 2005 Added ATV Page 29th August 2005


SSTV Streaming Experiment

Used MMSSTV Engine to create a small program to send images from a camera (jpg stream) or other file as fast as possible, max 1 picture every 8 seconds with B/W 8 mode! See readme file in zip. Download here....... 8th septemeber 2005





Stanford University Solar Group


Pictire Missing at the moment....